Welcome to our developer portal for the best Text-to-Speech (TTS) API!

Our API allows you to integrate a cutting-edge TTS functionality into your application, website, or software in no time.!

With our TTS API, you can transform any written text into natural-sounding audio in a variety of languages, voices, and accents. Whether you need to create an audio version of your blog posts, enhance the accessibility of your website, or develop an AI assistant, our TTS API has got you covered.

Our pricing plan is simple and affordable. You can start using our TTS API with free credit of 25K characters.

$22 / 1M Characters

  • Purchase and Use: No Recurring Payments
  • Control your usage with wallet system
  • Mp3 raw file as response for faster turnaround and easy usability
  • Rate limit: 60 requests/Minute
Purchase Credit
You can get started easily using our document. Just go through the document and you can start working on API integrations. If you have any questions or feature request, you can always write us to support@speechactors.com.
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